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Please terminate employment of Alexa Linden

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It is the request of we, the residents, volunteers, and other members of Second Life, that Linden Lab terminate the employment of one Alexa Linden for the following reasons: 1) abuse and harassment of residents through use of the Second Life game, website, jira, forums, as well as through use of non Linden Lab owned platforms such as email, blogs, instant messengers and forums. 2) misuse and abuse of power 3) theft of credit (IE: stealing others' ideas for her own) 4) wrongful dismissal of volunteers from Linden Lab run programs without reason or recourse 5) banning of residents from Bug Triage under threats of making said bans permanent or changing them to bans from Second Life. 6) willful and frequent breaking the Second Life Terms of Service 7) willful and frequent breaking the Second Life Community Standards 8) showing extreme favoritism to certain residents and volunteers when choosing when and were to enforce the Terms of Service, Community Standards, Jira Guidelines, etc. 9) Constantly showing her disdain for the residents and volunteers of Second Life and flouting her "Superiority" 10) Willfully and Knowingly allowing certain individuals such as Youri Ashton to break the TOS, Community Standards, and Jira Guidelines. 11) Deliberately, and Maliciously stripping Jira access from those that disagree with herself or Linden Lab over issues or to prevent them from making bug reports that embarrass Alexa or her friends. 12) Deliberately misleading other Linden Lab employees, and the residents and volunteers of Second Life as to her actions, motivations, and intentions. 13) Deliberately ensuring that the bug reports, feature requests, and so forth issued by many residents never make it to triage. For evidence and arguments please see


Someone tired of Alexa's powertrips and abuse.
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