Respect Alex and Liz's Lunch Truck!

christine brito
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Hello Commerce St. Folks!

On behalf of those of us, who have benefited from the wealth of food Liz and Alex have provided for us for over 5 years, I ASK FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Recently, new lunch trucks have been allowed to park in Alex and Liz's parking spots, that they have earned through our respect. There is nothing wrong with options, in fact It is always good to switch things up. However, it is not respectful to have our loyal lunch trucks park a mile a away. In addition, for many of us that enjoy their food, it is an inconvenience to walk a mile away. 

If you believe Liz and Alex should 
  •      Have the Right to their Original Parking spots
  •      Have the Right to equal competition (Equal Publicity) 
  •      Have the Right to their Original Times of Service
  •      Have the Right to Call in Sick, Family Emergency, Family Death without losing                                          the right to continue to sell. 
Please sign this signature with YOUR NAME, BUILDING #, COMPANY IF YOU AGREE. 

Keep our Loyal, Hard-Working, Favorite Lunch Trucks at Commerce....





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