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A CJ System Above The Law. Incarceration At 19.

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The State of California vs. "John Doe" (currently protected due to possble retalition, further mistreatement, etc.) Therefore, I begin with a VERY brief summary. At the age of just turning 18, a "teen party" took place". At such time, he recieved oral copulation from what is now known to be an underage female. He was charged and convicted of Eight(+/-) felonies, including that such as forcible rape, etc. The victim herself stated such never took place and forsensics confirmed this. The inital SVU Lead Detective chose NOT to proceed with the case. The D.A's office, reassigned the case which led to an agressive pursuit, including tactics of agregious unconstitutional and Civl rights violations and intimidation. The Victim has been online since 2005 with explicit photos, vular, threatening language and overall behavior of that which is nothing short of one being that of an adult. We are seeking to vacate the sentence of the incarcerated and further recommend that The State will deem it appropriate to step in and assist the underage minor in being placed in a position to receive agressive help for her years of overt sexual, threatening and self destructing acts. The minimum of NINE Constitutional violations found in the information, rare but true, ALL extend evidence from the Prosecution itself. Documentation and Pro Bono work has been diligently pursued. "Jane Doe" the the victim being underage (although a matter of public record!) alongside the fear and indimidation of the incarcerated, many documtents, further specifics and facts are not appropriate at this juncture. In pursuing a motion ASAP, we take this extra step to obtain persons to sign our petition to voice our fourth ammendment rights and not allow a small town ot impose judgement at their whims without the procedural rights of Due Process and blantant and unconstutional acts (e.g. Two arrest warrants carried out without Judicial approval and much more) This is an attempt to gain the signatures that will be given shown to the sentencing Judge regarding the plea that his D.A.'s Office during our motion to vacate. IF you believe in blatant injustice, PLEASE put your vote to this petition. At such time the name and further circumstances are able to be posted in a safe forum, this will be edited accordingly.

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