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The Hair Code in the Angleton Independent School district is biased, unfair, and completely pointless. I beg to differ with any reason given to require my nephew to cut his hair, It would not make him less of a team player, It would not stop him from playing 100%, be any smarter, or get any better grades if He had shorter hair. It is a double standard because the females that attend his school are not required to cut their hair. It is a greater distraction to constantly threaten boys of the consequences that are to come if they do not cut their hair. Kids are sometimes sent to the office during class, because of their hair, which I believe is a much bigger problem, and disruption to learning. Another problem is that a Dress Code should not apply during time out of school, however, when someone is forced to cut their hair, that requires them to be in hair code system 24/7. For instance, you cannot come to school and put your "short hair" on and go home and put your "long hair" back on. Hair has nothing to do with dress, and clothing. Personal opinions of the school board members, or anyone else should not affect the school's dress code. The main purpose of having a dress code is to provide a safe learning environment to students. You cannot hide a knife, gun, or weapon in your hair. The fact is the rule has nothing to do with safety, which is what a dress code is all about, and it shouldn't be applied anyway, because hair is a natural part of your body which helps define a person's individuality. Also, long hair on a male is not considered offensive, or vulgar by society. It is completely legal. I personally think that no one of any authority has a right to tell someone else how long or short their hair should be. The rule infringes on the students' rights outside of the schoolyard, and the hair code against male students of Angleton ISD should be matched with the requirements for females. School is suppose to teach equality, among race and gender, so what kind of example is this?

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Please only sign one petition regarding this matter.  His parents have started one also.

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