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Air Pollution in Nicaragua

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Hi I am carlos and today I am talking about Air pollution. Air pollution in nicaragua is very serious because we burn all our trash and not in an incinerator but with just fire and letting the smoke hit the atmosphere making it start getting destroyed and our buses are one of the most polluting car in the country because of all the gasses they have it like an pollution cloud.The trash burning is everywhere and our trash truck almost never come making us just burn the trash.It’s amazing how this country is developing.4.3 million people die of air pollution almost and %50 percent of kids die of air pollution.3 billere.ion people cook over a fire that spreading or it's just there.We have Been cleaning our air some form because I checked in pool of the most pollution of nicaragua and air has been going down but that is just a pole not the truth is it’s getting worst I want you to go on a bus and see all the smoke that in the air because of the exhaust.It’s like something is burning or even exploding.It’s a huge problem gotta admit.The burning trash problem is very bad because it doesn't only kill a lot of people I have seen it stat fire and spread all over the place killing and destroying homes it’s so sad to see that in news and having to deal with it and the trash that we burn is better than taking it to the chureca a place where poor people go to grab trash and sell it for a very low price and if we had a incinerator we could solve this problem of trash could even stop burning trash at home and other places.There's obviously the exhaust smoke problem ok let’s think of a solution oh….wait…...I know… no no…..I got it let’s get 21 first centuries buses because we have school buses repainted that's sad and we waste our money in these huge yellow trees that cost about 1 million cordobas which is our money from our taxes that we can be using instead for better buses helping poor people and not burning trash.There's million of solutions.One of my friends is doing car pollution which fits just right and explain how it was motor and how it was very old and shouldn’t because of the pollution it can cause to everyone but since we wasted so much money in those horrible yellow trees we can't but new motors or exhaust help make new buses or even buy them and were the 4 poorest country in the world yeah I know and we wasted millions in those trees I wish we could sell them and fix all the very mental problems we have had and have or are ongoing like air pollution That's all I am asking for enough sings in this petition we could make this come true.

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