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Petition to Demand Representation in Protest of Hawaii State Act 195 and the Kanaʻiolowalu Roll Commission

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To the legitimate representatives of the Hawaiian People who, because you were chosen freely by Hawaiian people as our own representatives to which you accepted this authority, not by force or by coercion on anyone’s part, but by our own people’s true self-determining initiative and free-will, can claim to have legitimate authority to represent us, We demand that you uphold your kuleana to our people and represent us in the following matter: The State of Hawaii in conjunction with rogue and minority leaders of our people are currently organizing to gain exclusive rights to be called the legitimate “Native Hawaiian Governing Entity” and to subsequently use these exclusive rights to lay claim to our collective assets to which no Hawaiian people hold exclusive rights; namely our trust lands and all other assets currently held in trust by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. This is evidenced by the following FACTS: • In 2011, the State of Hawaii passed ACT 195 which stated the following purpose to have our people represented in accord with their own law, and not ours, and through a representative body of the state’s own choosing, to exercise representative authority over our collective assets: “§ -1 Statement of recognition. The Native Hawaiian people are hereby recognized as the only indigenous, aboriginal, maoli people of Hawaii. § -2 Purpose. The purpose of this chapter is to provide for and to implement the recognition of the Native Hawaiian people by means and methods that will facilitate their self governance, including the establishment of, or the amendment to, programs, entities, and other matters pursuant to law that relate, or affect ownership, possession, or use of lands by the Native Hawaiian people, and by further promoting their culture, heritage, entitlements, health, education, and welfare. § -3 Native Hawaiian roll commission. (a) There is established a five-member Native Hawaiian roll commission within the office of Hawaiian affairs for administrative purposes only. The Native Hawaiian roll commission shall be responsible for: (1) Preparing and maintaining a roll of qualified Native Hawaiians; and (2) Certifying that the individuals on the roll of qualified Native Hawaiians meet the definition of qualified Native Hawaiians. For purposes of establishing the roll, a "qualified Native Hawaiian" means an individual who the commission determines has satisfied the following criteria and who makes a written statement certifying that the individual: • At no time was the majority of legitimate leadership of our people called upon to represent our people on this matter, neither during planning, nor to help encourage the passage of this law, nor to ensure that the roll was truly representative of our people. At every possible step in this process, acts were carried out to exclude the majority of our people. • The State of Hawaii in conjunction with rogue minority leaders, using ACT 195, the media, and word of mouth, have explicitly adopted the language of the Akaka Bill with full and prior knowledge that this bill was not acceptable to the majority of Hawaiian people as evidenced by the formal protest against the Akaka Bill made on paper, by petition by the group “Hui Pu” which was signed by a united legitimate group of representatives who were established and initiated by our own people to represent us in accordance with our own customs and traditions. Further evidence of this prior knowledge can be seen in the absolute refusal by rogue minority leaders throughout the Akaka Bill process to allow widespread surveying to be conducted in order to ascertain the will of our people in regards to the Akaka Bill. • In addition, prior attempts at a state created governing organization have been carried out three times before, making this now the fourth attempt, with consistent and unwavering protest from our people, stating that NO STATE CREATED ORGANIZATION HAS THE AUTHORITY TO REPRESENT US. • Furthermore, while claiming that Act 195 was created in order to assist us in our self determination, while further claiming that our right to self-determination includes our right to design our own governing systems and to freely choose our own leadership, the rogue minority leaders have already taken up the role of leadership to the exclusion of all other leadership, is being funded by the State of Hawaii to do this, using our own assets to do this, and without our consent, and are currently already designing our future governance system using the nation-within-a-nation model, attempting to organize us as Indian tribes under the US Department of Interior, all in active consultation which has already begun taking place with the US Secretary of Interior. The Hawaiian people now call upon our leaders to carry out with all expediency the mandate of the undersigned as follows: • That our leadership come together in the spirit of federation, to represent our people under the authority of natural law, which in the absence of a monarch, gives the rights to the people to be represented by leaders of the people’s own choosing and in matters of their own choosing and to have those matters represented to the strength and degree which is equal to those who are represented and their concerns, • That in doing all this, our leadership act in accordance with their kuleana and with thoughtful respect toward each other’s kuleana, and with charity toward each other in all matters so that they may bring together a united front on this singular matter, and so that this effort does not get diluted or sidelined by other matters. • That our leaders, working under a coordinated effort, create a FORMAL WRITTEN PROTEST which includes, at the very least, reference to Act 195, and which documents the exclusionary and pre-determined (rather than self-determined) process under which this act came to be, is being carried out, and has been planned for use in the future. • That our leadership work to organize in a cooperative manner to initiate and coordinate all actions to be undertaken by the people which are necessary in order to STOP THIS HEWA!!! We, the undersigned, do hereby make this demand


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