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Aion's Home Buffs

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Aion EU lost many players when NCsoft added Home Buffs to the game. The Home Buffs meant Asmo & Elyos were completely safe from being killed in their own lands. when Gameforge first took over these home buffs had been removed and more players returned to the game, everything was how it was used to be, but now they want to add the buffs to the old servers. Adding these buffs again will completely destroy the servers yet again, others will leave again as they did before. We believe home buffs ruins the story of Aion as Elyos & Asmo are meant to be fighting against each other. When rifting is how it should be, all players levelling stay on alert in case any Asmos/Elyos are creeping about, and if there are any they either kill them or call for back up. This is what brings players together; this is what forms our social bonds within the world of Ateria. The home buffs were put in place because at that time Aion was loosing its population and those who remained had no protection from the invading race. Now however, the population has grown massively thanks to the free to play movement and Gameforge. With such a huge population, lower level players who wish to focus on PvE won’t be hassled as much since there will always be someone around to help them battle invaders should the need arise and of course, the PvP focused players will also have a challenge to keep them entertained, whether that be the curse or mentors. Removing these buffs entirely suits the players now; there is no longer a reason to keep them active. We believe it’s now time for Aion to return to its original ideal and its main selling point; world PvP and we are hoping Gameforge will listen to our pleas. If rifting is not possible players below level 50 are left with very little options to obtain AP, to use to buy their AP equipment which they will want to use to rift, and for Dredgion. So please, if you believe Home Buffs should be completely removed please sign this petition for Gameforge. For Honour and Glory.

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