Aion Europe server starter restrictions partial removal!

Nikola Ayana
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Hello there!I have some problems with Starter restrictions ingame so first i sent a ticket complaining about it. After saying my opinion I actualy was said that my arguements are valid at some points and i was recommended to make a Petition in here about it and was said that IF a lot players will support this we might make a change about starter restrictions. I want to remind you that this is NOT about removing ALL starter restrictions but only partial and specifically that is removing restriction on sending items via mail and allowing all players to access Legion warehouse which is my top priority of this petition as most of intelligent of you know that we wont ever get rid of all starter restrictions. My main problem is that everyone, remember that this is an MMORPG which is massive multiplayer online role playing game and I think this trade restrictions contradicts the MM part of it and we should restore it. Me, as a Brigade General of a Legion feels really embarrassed as I am the Legion Leader and I cant actually access the Legion warehouse to take care of it just cause I didnt payed for this game. I also brought few of my friends to this game and its making me really worry that they will decide to quit as they cant cooperate and cant trade items and anything and as we all are also Legion members we cant do nothing with warehouse again as we are not allowed to access it. Once again I want to remind you that this is NOT a petition to remove all starter restrictions but part of it.

My request is:
Remove restriction of sending items via mailbox. (I hope. This is not such a requirement of my request but it would be really helpful and also better for your server)
Remove all starter restrictions connected with Legion warehouse to all players. (Main priority WHICH should be changed, being limited in legion as well is limiting too much)

This 2 changes on the server would actually increase its popularity by a huge number as most of people quit the game at start already as they are not able to send anything to their friends without paying in the game. Please help me by signing this petition.
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April 12
We need to do something about it and I was said by a petition we could make a change in the future, please help me by signing this petition
April 12
We are now live!




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    Nikola Ayana
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