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Ain't No Hobbit without PJ!

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It was like Boromir being slain at Amon Hen, only worse. It was like seeing the look in Haldirs eyes as he sank to the ground at Helms Deep, only worse. I want to vomit, I want to shout \'No!\', I want to blink and wake up. But it\'s real. They\'re gonna do it. New Line are going to try and make the Hobbit without Peter Jackson and his creative team. I don\'t want to go too much into the history of this, if you\'re not sure, read this story before you go any further: Having read that tell me you don\'t sense the feeling and passion Peter and Fran have for the potential of these two movies. Tell me you don\'t still want to see them at the helm of those movies being made. I know this is only one side of the story, but for mine in this case it\'s the only side that matters. As it stands the chance for us to see two more epic films made by an experienced proven and passionate team is gone. But for myself anyway, I still want to see Peter, Fran and the team at Wingnut films make those two movies. If you don\'t, then hopefully you\'ve stopped reading already. But if like me you still want to see them made this way, what can you do You\'re bound to have a thousand better ideas than mine, but if you want, you can start here. By adding your name to this petition you help send a message to New Line showing them they got this one wrong. If enough names show up here (and in the many other petitions and postings cropping up on the web faster than I type this), maybe they\'ll change their mind. But I don\'t think a petition alone is going to be enough. If you\'re like me you hate most of these online petition things and think they come from crazed nutters who have no grip on the real world (remember the petition that was going to force Peter to change the name of "The two towers" movie as he was \'obviously\' trying to cash in on the attention attributed to the 9/11 attacks!). I probably am a crazed nutter, and I can struggle to grip the real world, but here\'s what I want signers of this petition try and do. Next time you\'re at the video store chosing a film, check the back of the case before you rent it. Down the bottom, read the credits. If it says \'New Line\' cinema, put it back on the shelf. Same applies to buying dvds and even at the cinema. Hell, don\'t even download a film (legally or illegally) if it\'s got the New Line name in it. If you\'re not sure, check it on If New Lines involved, boycott it. This decision by New Line is about money. They know they might lose a bit if they have an independent audit on \'Fellowship\' (or else why would they avoid it) So if it\'s about money, think about where they get it from...that\'s right, you. If we stop the flow of money through ticket sales/rental/purchases, then they will no choice but to rethink. Maybe this is a bit sad getting all hot and bothered about a couple of movies. But if like me you want to see these two movies made, and if like me you believe it can only be done with Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Wingnut films working on it, then please agree to the following pledge and sign: \"Signers of this petition urge New Line Cinema to hastily reconsider their apparent decision to develop two further \'Lord of the Rings\' films without the expertise of Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Wingnut films. As we believe that these two films can only be made properly with the above talent involved, we hereby pledge the following: Until such time as agreement is reached between New Line and Wingnut films which involves further development of two \'Lord of the Rings\' films by Wingnut films, with Peter Jackson directing, we pledge to boycott all known New Line associated media in the form of ticket sales at movie theaters and purchases/rentals of DVD/VHS/CD/HD media associated with New Line.\"


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