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Nirmal Kumar
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Ladies and Gentlemen, I raise my concern AGAINT THE TYRANNY OF TOUTS AND AUTO RICKSHAW MAFIA at Ahmedabad airport who harrass the passengers, hijack the tourists, overcharge everyone. I want to be heard to the decision makers of Ahmedabad airport, law and order enforcing agencies to curb the tyranny of touts and auto mafia. A handful of auto rickshaw mafia are controlling the operation of auto rickshaw at Ahmedabad airport. The unfortunate part of the story is that even after 67 years of Independence of India, Ahmedabad police has not been able to enforce the fair fare system for auto rickshaws at sophisticated ans secured place like airport. We can not tolerate it any more. It is high time to break the nexus of handful of mafia and police and give an new identity to Ahmedabad airport.




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