Ban Ahava from Professional Beauty 2011

Layth Hanbali
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We, the undersigned, are aware that Ahava have a stand at Professional Beauty 2011 ExCel 27-28 February. We urge Professional Beauty to reconsider granting Ahava a stand for the following reasons: • Ahava’s products are made with natural resources from areas in the Dead Sea which are within the West Bank, an internationally-recognised part of the Palestinian Territories • These natural resources are taken against the will of their owners and are thus stolen • Ahava’s products are produced in a settlement in the West Bank called Mitzpe Shalem • All settlements in the West Bank, including Mitzpe Shalem, are illegal under international law • Palestinians, the internationally-recognised owners of the resources and the land, do not benefit in any way from the resources and lands Ahava uses against their will • It would be compliant to international law and decent to the true owners of the resources and land to send a strong message of condemnation to Ahava, which is an illegitimate company