Age of Empires 4 plz?

John Dean
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This petition is for Age of Empires IV (AOE4) a game that was thought to be made by the Company named "Ensemble studios" and published by "Microsoft". now the company "Ensemble studios" is no more, Due to this the game AOE4 & AOE5 ( showed on the Manuel of the limited edition of AOE3) AOE4 was going to be a Vietnam time based game. But now "Microsoft" still owns the Age of empires title and has done noting with it. (to the main game wise) They came out with "Age of Empires online" but it has noting to do with the main game like AOE 1,2, and 3 where the games were rated Teen and had a great system. as the game AOE online has been a good game for others, a lot of people hate how there is still no AOE 4 which is based in the "Vietnam era" and is like the AOE 3 system but more improved. In this thought we would like to get people to start signing this petition to show Microsoft that people still love this game and want more. for more info visit -





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