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We stand against the Eclipse movie script.

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We, fans of the Twilight Saga BOOKS, have read the Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie script, and we do not approve of it. We, as fans, know that the story itself revolves around one key point: EDWARD CULLEN and BELLA SWAN\'s relationship. Although there are other sub-plots and important characters, we know that above all, THEIR character development is most crucial. This script was centered around something else: The relationship between BELLA SWAN and JACOB BLACK. We feel that the screenwriter has gone too far, and has become too biased about her feelings on certain characters. Below is a list of specific things in the script that we, as fans, did not approve of whatsoever: -In the script, Edward and Bella arrive at Forks High school after their visit with Renee, and Jacob is waiting in the parking lot with his motorcycle. Bella finds out that Edward did not tell her about Alice\'s vision that Victoria has come back, and she gets ANGRY with EDWARD. Not only that, but she jumps on the back of Jacob\'s motorcycle, leaving Edward behind. We feel that this is not only a serious change in comparison to what happened in the books, but it is something that Bella would never do. -Many, many key scenes between Edward and Bella were choppy or taken out altogether. Their feelings about each other were NOT shown clearly AT ALL in this script. -Jacob Black is championed past the points of extremity, giving away the screenwriter\'s bias. -Edward\'s character says and does things in the script that he would never do/say in the book. For example, in the tent scene: \"If she chooses me--\" (something along those lines) : Jacob \"She won\'t--\" : Edward -Bella seems to long more for immortality than Edward; she is angry with him and makes strange remarks to him on more than one occasion. - Bella\'s character says and does things in the script that she would never do/say in the book. For example: After Jacob tells her he\'d rather see her dead than a vampire, she gets angry at him, but forgives him very quickly. -The backstories and smaller characters suddenly claimed big roles in the movie, which was unnecessary. -The fight scene was over-hyped, and most of it was unnecessary (aka Bella stabbing herself on the arm, which did not happen in the book). -The Volturi never knew what the newborns were planning, whereas in this script they do somehow. Many more things similar to these are included; these are just a select few that I\'ve chosen from previous discussions with other fans. We, the Twilight fans, are extremely protective of the story, and we feel that it was abandoned in this script, as were we. The goals of this petition do not include Summit changing the movie, the script, or firing anyone. We simply want our voices heard.

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