mandatory poloygraph for any police officer accused of domestic violence

lindsey jones
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In order for an officer to become a civil servant they must endure rigorous background tests, interviews, psych evaluations, and a polygraph test before even being considered for the posistion. However once an officer is sworn in to their department their union and internal investigations protect them from any outside forces accusing them of any wrongdoings. It takes great courage for a spouse to come forward with allegations of domestic violence, but even more so if they are married to a police officer. It becomes top headline in the news and the "band of brothers" come together and back the officer up, as if they can do no wrong. The internal investigation is done in any fashion that the department wants and many times no interviews are conducted except with people that will support the officer accused of domestic violence. Also, an officer can REFUSE outright to take a polygraph. So, if it is just a he said she said case than the department will of course back up the man that they hired. This petition is to require that if an officer comes under investigation for domestic violence, they MUST take a polygraph before returning to duty. This not only will clear the police officers name if they pass, it will allow the citizens of a city to feel that they have safe and sane officers patrolling their city.





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