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Against inciting hate, rioting, violence and calling for civil disobedience in the Maldives by opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) leader

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We are calling upon Mr. Mohamed Nasheed, the leader of Maldivian Democratic Party to stop actions by them which has caused unprecedented divide and hatred among the people of the Maldives. After resigning on live television on the 7th of February 2012, ex-president Mohamed Nasheed has after 24 hours of his resignation then claimed he was forced to resign by a military coupe and yet has failed to prove or take the matters to the courts. Instead he has gathered his political party supporters to the streets, incited hatred among the people and has continued to organize street protests which encourages acts of violence, bullying and mobish behavior. We urge Mr.Nasheed not to continue calling out for civil disobedience and not to encourage the break of law. We condemn the acts of violence and arson, which are being committed by the supporters of your party. We are urging all political parties in the Maldives to find a peaceful resolution to the current situation through civil decorum, without the call for violence and within democratic means. Stop further riots and civil disobedience acts by MDP. We are calling upon all Leaders to intervene in MDP’s destructive public behavior and urge to stop their actions. Various demonstrations have seen many of the public being injured including protesters and police alike, public property damaged, and attacks of arson. We do not condone such acts and urge all parties to push for peaceful resolution. We are calling upon MDP to take matters to the courts to prove the allegations of the supposed coupe which took place on 7th February this year. Please use the Independent National Enquiry Commission created by the current government for this purpose. If Mr.Mohamed Nasheed cannot accept the Maldivian Supreme Court, then we urge him to take the matter to the International Court of Justice. We note Mr Nasheed held a cabinet meeting on February 7th, prior to the announcement of his resignation to inform his cabinet of his reasons for resignation. We also note that at this juncture Mr.Nasheed had the opportunity to inform his cabinet that he was resigning under duress. However none of the Cabinet members have given public testimony to support Mr.Nasheeds claim or otherwise. Please seek an inquiry into the allegations and prove the claims which are being made and resolve the matter in court peacefully and democratically. We the people of the Maldives have had enough of the unrest and we are against political parties instigating violence and using women and under aged youth as shields. In this light, we specifically condemn MDP’s plans for international women’s day to incite further hate and create civil disobedience for a political gain which would violate the true spirit “international womens” day. We urge the MDP to stop such actions. MDP has been openly seeking to block President Waheed from attending office. They have been openly announcing within their groups and websites, asking their supporters to behave disruptively, to break the rule of law using whatever means possible, with its sole purpose being winning the presidency back from within the street. We have had enough of our police force being attacked, petrol thrown at them and a number public and police injured due to the mob mentality encouraged by this political party. Mr Nasheed Please stop such actions. We are against political parties who openly encourage their supporters to bully anyone, should they express a view which opposes a specific party’s agenda. This is something that goes against the grain of true Democratic values and urge all parties to discourage such behavior and encourage tolerance amongst everyone. Mothers are concerned for their children in schools as children are being bullied based on the current political divide, as political parties such as MDP openly encourages confrontational and hostile behavior to anyone who has an opinion which is different to their own. This is something we do not want to tolerate and we need to protect our children from such hatred and abuse and teach them acceptance and tolerance. We condemn the shameful display by the MDP parliament members which caused the suspension of the parliament on the 1st of March 2012. With their hijacking of the democratic institution of the people's representation in governance; the People's Majlis (Parliament), MDP has undermined all three powers of democracy, the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature. This is something which is unacceptable as all political parties had essentially agreed on the need for an election earlier than mandated in the current constitution and it was subject to the required amendments to the constitution be made to guarantee a free and fair election. This has to be negotiated within the Parliament and since MDP’s disruption of the parliament, it has held up the process which would facilitate for the early elections if any were to be held. We are against the current air of attacking people with verbal abuse, profanity, and personal insults, targeted internet bullying which has sadly been encouraged by the leaders and supporters of MDP. Such behavior by MDP has caused much divide among our society, ties within families have been compromised and friends are turning foes. Encouragement of personal attacks on people who have a different opinion is now common. It has spread to such a level many decent citizens are living in fear of such personal attacks, and bullying on the streets, should their view be expressed against parties such as MDP. We condemn the acts of fear mongering by any political party. We urge Maldivian Democratic Party to Reform and seek solution through true democratic means, and put an end to the bullying and violent ways which have been adopted by the party of late to advocate their agenda. We re-iterate again to take the matters to the courts, not to the streets. We request all leaders to push for a peaceful agenda and put an end to this without encouraging further civil unrest.


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