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A few facts for the residents of Tottenham against Haringey Councils proposal for the resident parking charge We as Tottenham residents should not be penalised for the new development in our area because Council did not consult us or tell us that the proposal for the new developments would result in us residents having to pay for parking to cover match days. We believe that Tottenham Hotspurs football club should pay the cost of match day parking permits, and not local residents. We do not see the logic behind the higher parking charge for cars with a bigger engine capacity. If this policy is for cleaner air in Tottenham, which we completely support and do not dispute at all, the Council is unable to explain to paradox behind this proposal. How did the Council calculate that a parked car with a bigger engine would pollute the air more than a parked car with a smaller engine? If the intention is to prevent cars with bigger engines from coming into Tottenham because they produce more pollution, then it should be said that the central government is already charging more via Road Tax for this exact reason. We believe that the Council should encourage residents to be more family oriented so that with growing up with family around you, and this especially applies to young people, they would feel a responsibility for the environment that they live in by learning through their family members. BUT we are afraid that by introducing the parking charge for family members visiting and keeping the community together, the Council has once again not counted the social aspect of the issue and is only interested in raising capital - which was probably at the forefront of the policy making in this regards. In the booklet that was sent to us it seems that the issue of parking as a result of the expansion of the football stadium and the Sainsburys is generally not very clear. The booklet is structured around making it look like the expansion of Tottenham Hotspurs football club to 56,000 seats and the new Sainsburys supermarket will result in increased congestion with regards to parking, and this is a reason for the parking charges to North Tottenham residents. The NEW Sainsburys has its own car park for the use of people going shopping there. Tottenham Hotspurs, it seems are an irresponsible business. Knowing that their supporters might travel by car to the new stadium to watch a match they should at least provide some parking space within their new stadium. If they have been negligent in these regards we do not see why we residents must pay parking charges in order to accommodate football fans wishing to travel to matches by car, or people coming to the area to use Sainsburys. Tottenham Hotspurs will be making more money each week as a result of their stadium expansion. They should pay the Council if it is the case that the Council needs more money in order to increase their revenue. The Council should make note that we residents were here first. But the Sainsburys is new and the increased capacity Tottenham Hotspurs and the development of houses and flats are also new. But since the stadium has expanded to 56,000, is it possible that it is not a suitable size to be in this area if Council think parking is going to be a problem? The Council should have told residents that after the development that we would be charged for parking and that there may be other charges in the future that we do not know about when they were doing their consultation for the proposed new stadium. We as residents of Tottenham elected the Council official to supposedly look after our interests as residents of the Tottenham area. We are not sorry to say that in this case we feel that the Council are looking after the well being of big business and not local residents who will remember this fact when it comes to the next election of Councillors, especially Cllr. Nilgun Canver who has put this proposal forward and the Council leader Claire Kobe. We residents are vigorously opposed to this new Parking proposal and we are going to fight for our rights to oppose this parking charge proposal. If you have any question regarding this petition please contact

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