against reservation in promotions

Prashant Adur
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In India, reservation was initiated for the benefit of a few classes and to dispel any negative beliefs and practices that were prevalent during the time of Independence. It was deemed fair and just to continue so for a span of ten years but even today this issue crops up every now and then. The tale that started from divide and rule, caste based reservation, religion based reservation still continues with aspects like reservation in promotion.

We, the undersigned call on the President of India to stop cast wise reservation in promotion, stop the amendment to the Constitution for promotions in government service.

 It is affecting Govt. departments so badly. Sir please advise  Govt. to take feedback from the departments where already reservation on promotion is going on.

Sir, we strongly believe that the merit should be the only criteria for the selection during the recruitment and to some extent the economical condition can be looked into. But we are totally against this very idea of RESERVATION in PROMOTION.

We are of the opinion that this kind of reservation system will definitely hamper the growth of the country and keeps talent away from the government institutions.

Hence we strongly oppose this move by the government for RESERVATION in PROMOTION   





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