Against Police torture

Amila Sampath
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Please support this and this.After 10-15 minutes they came again, handcuffed me and took to the upstairs, where nobody was at that time.

Then they told me to remove my cloths fully, after I did so they handcuffed my two hands behind my body, laid me on the floor and two of them held me by my shoulder.

While SI Nayanajith was placing his leg on my chest, they hit on my soles using pestle, and then they told me, ’now jump up’.

Due to pain I could not jump, and then they hit on my fingers saying, ‘jump up, and jump up’ and once again laid me on the floor.

Keeping me on the floor they said, ‘withdraw the case filed in the HRC’ via my wife, and assaulted keep on saying that.

They brought grinded chilli in a piece of cloth, applied into my nostrils and then in my eyes. 

Again they laid me on the floor and assaulted on my soles; they brought a polythene bag wetted in petrol, kept it on my face like this and held for some times, then I fell down unconsciously.

Then Nayanajith hit me thrice and in order to displace my shoulders they handcuffed my hands together, sent the pestle through and held me hanging in the air. 





  • 5 years ago
    Amila sampath Hong Kong
    5 years ago
  • 5 years ago
    Amila sampath Hong Kong
    5 years ago