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Against Intervention and War, Against Dictatorship and Exploitation, for Peace, Freedom and Equality

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The state of Israel, with support from the US government and in collaboration with other imperialist powers, has beaten the war drums. Debate about military attack against the Iranian nuclear installations, as a supposedly deterrent factor against the Islamic Republic of Iran turning into a “nuclear power”, is nowadays the hottest and most controversial subject in international circles. The recent report of the Organization of Nuclear Energy has added fuel to the war-mongering propaganda. The state of Israel is facing the greatest protest movement due to the implementation of the neo-liberal policies within the country. In the international arena, it is under the fire of harsh criticism, from all sides, for placing a series of its own conditions on the recognition of an independent state of Palestine. To come out of the crisis of isolation and to undermine the revolutionary fervor in the region, the state of Israel endeavors to place the encountering of the nuclear threats of the Islamic Regime high on its agenda. The least impact of these threats is the intensification of the economic isolation of Iran that has, as well, received support from the main state parties of the European Union. The Islamic Republican Regime of Iran is well aware of the immanence of the great mass movement against the Islamic rule. Moreover, it faces the rapid exacerbation of its economic crisis, international isolation, internal conflicts among different factions of the ruling clique, and the exposure of its scandals on a daily basis.  So, It has taken the war threats of the state of Israel as good luck and blessing for diverting public attention and for the survival of its shameful existence. Therefore, the Regime’s leaders respond to the threats by making counter-threats, and promise retaliation against the war-mongering cries. Under these critical conditions, we, as activists and left socialist forces outside the country, like to make the following declarations:

· We condemn any kind or any level of military bombardment. Air military air attack results in the strengthening of the fascist Regime of the Islamic Republic and would lead to the destruction of the country’s infrastructure and countless civilian casualties.

· We condemn any kind and any level of military intervention by imperialist powers under any pretense. The outcomes of the intervention of imperialist powers include the suppression of the movement for freedom and equality and the workers ‘movement, on the one hand and the plunder of the natural resources of our country, on the other.

 · We condemn any kind of economic isolation: selective, smart, paralyzing or otherwise. Economic isolation would, further, disintegrate the economy of the country, it would escalate prices of goods and services; it would eliminate government services and widespread unemployment, impoverishment and prostitution. Economic isolation would, also, extend suppression to all areas of living. While, it would exert the brunt of its pressure on the working class and toiling people, it would have no impact on the ruling clique and would, instead, lead to their empowerment. Military strike, foreign intervention and economic isolation would function in a way that opens the way for the corrupt and tyrannical governments who are puppets of the imperialist powers to, once again, come into power.

 · We strongly condemn the nuclear activities of the Islamic Republic Regime. We are against any kind of nuclear arsenal and nuclear weapons and we support general disarmament. The Middle East and the whole world must be free from nuclear weapons.

· Our opposition to the nuclear energy is not only limited to nuclear weapons. We are against the use of nuclear energy and we are for its replacement with clean energy without risks of environmental contamination.  Experiences like “Chernobyl” and “Fukyushima” demonstrate that even peaceful use of nuclear energy may prove to be catastrophic. Moreover, a country like Iran has favorable conditions to produce clean energy, given its underground resources of energy and its geographical capabilities. Therefore, the atomic energy policy of the Islamic Republic Regime that has had a heavy cost for the Iranian people must be stopped immediately and unconditionally.

· We support the revolutionary downfall of the Islamic Republic by the people of Iran. The continuation of the disgraceful life of the Islamic Regime does not and will not have any other outcomes than, evermore, economic downtrend and socio-cultural backwardness.  On the contrary, the downfall of the Islamic Regime and the establishment of the rule of majority, i.e., the rule of the workers and toilers, are the necessary conditions for the establishment of universal suffrage, political freedom, and the exercise of the right to political self-determination by the Iranian people and their advance towards the achievement of a humanistic society.

  · The capitalist system in today’s world is, not only in peripheral countries, but also in its main centers facing a structural crisis. The system is retracting the social reforms of the period of “welfare states” and the political freedoms of liberal democracy one by one. The Occupation Movement of Wall Street that has spread to the entire advanced capitalist countries is the manifestation of the climax of the decay of capitalism as a dominant world system. Guarantees for freedom, social justice, peace and independence are now tied not to reformist and liberal policies, but, to going much beyond capitalism and toward efforts to realize socialism.  The rule of majority that arises from the heart of the revolution can pave the way for the abolition of capitalism.

· We, along with working and toiling people, with activists for freedom and equality and all socialist forces, struggle against the threats of foreign intervention, and towards forcing the Islamic Regime to stop its nuclear programs. We, as well, endeavor towards removal of economic isolation and the extension of mass struggles to topple the Islamic Republic Regime.

Down with any Form of Imperialist Military Intervention in Iran.

 Down with the Islamic Republic Regime.

Long Live revolution.  Long Live Socialism.

December 4, 2011

* This statement was, initially, authored in Farsi by "The Iranian Left Alliance Abroad" and was circulated among Iranian political activists for endorsement. As a result, it received approximately 400 individual signatures and 13 group endorsements by Iranian left organizations.

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