AFA is a group littered with bigots and prejudice

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AFA (the American Family Association) is a "Christian values" group that is adamantly anti-gay and is prejudiced enough to publicly post and say hateful thing about anything related to homosexuality or anyone who is gay. CyberPatrol has cited these quotes from their website: "We want to outlaw public homosexuality... We believe homosexuality is immoral and leads ultimately to personal and social decay." How does loving someone affect anyone but the couple? Love of any kind is a strong bond and should not be illegal. Love is for all people to pursue, gay or straight, not just straight people.

What AFA and its sub-divisions (One Million Moms, One Million Dads) is anything but Christian. Jesus did not teach bigotry and intolerance; he taught love and compassion to ALL people, not just those like you. Sign this petition to show that you are against what AFA is promoting about homosexuality or if you are for gay rights.




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