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Save the Aegean from the big energy industry

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The uniqueness of the civilizations that flourished in the Aegean sea has been inseparable from the small scale, the self-limiting of human activities to the limitations of a small-island geography. The ongoing economic crisis and theassociated destruction of the capacity of the Greek state to protect the cultural and physical wealth of the country threatens the physical and cultural identity of the Greek archipelago. Several large energy companies (multinationals and/or Greek) are rapidly advancing plans to destroy the Aegean by installing on several of its islands a large scale energygeneration industry.

To them, the Aegean is simply an area that has a 'wind potential' that can be harnessed by batteries of gigantic wind parks, in order to make huge profits. They want to install these wind parks in order to export wind energy from the Aegean to mainland destinations, Greek and international.They simply don't care if the thousands of skyscraper-size wind-turbines to be installed on (or next to) the Aegean islands will eliminate a beautythatlocals and visitors have celebrated for millennia.

As of July of 2012, the applications have amounted to 4331MW, with 2919 MW already approved. This is the equivalent of 2165 wind turbines of 2MW each, of approximate height of 110 meters. Should these 2165 sky-scraper height structures be installed at the Aegean, the Greek archipelago will undoubtedly be destroyed. And there is no end to applications for additional licenses. Noτ to mention that there are already applications (and also installations) for many Aegean solar energy parks of comparable size. Undoubtedly, the electricity to be produced at the Aegean by the proposed industrial-type wind and solar installations is several times higher that the electricity presently consumed at the Aegean.

From attractive sails of ships to imaginative windmill designs, the Aegeancivilization has been inseparablefrom the massive harnessing of the power of the wind through a multitude of small scale structures. Building on this tradition, the Aegean could take the lead in the installation of modern (and technically available) small scale wind structures, tailored to the needs of local generation, ownership and consumption of energy. So that it can continue to be an attractive destination for millions of visitors from all over the world. By contrast, turning the Aegan into an industrial site for an energy-export industry will bring about an irreversible damage. By signing this petition I urge the Greek and the international authorities to stop this crime against this much beloved sea and the beautiful constellation of islands that it hosts.

Greek citizens are encouraged to sign the relevant greek petitions

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