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I would like to take this opportunity to announce that ADS has increase our health insurance plan until February 2009. Unfortunately, we have not received health insurance since November 2008 and my children have been to the doctor since then. I appreciated the health insurance that ADS gave us in the past. It was one less thing for us to worry about. But, we still feel that ADS should provide us with health insurance as though Steve were alive! Thank you all who have signed so far! On February 16, 2006, Steven Franklin (my husband) was gassed and drown in the sewer while working at a manhole. His body traveled under the street and was washed up in the pump station. I am still unclear of how this happened. I have heard that he was taking measurements down in the manhole and gas overtook him resulting in his drowning. I was told that he was not wearing his equipment He was at the site with one other person who was not properly trained and he had only been on the job for two weeks. I also heard that he thought he dropped his cell phone and went back to the manhole to retrieve it. The gas overtook him and he fell in the manhole. Since he was working in a swampy area and he knew that swamps were notorious for gasses; it is hard to understand why he would go down in the manhole without his equipment. Unless, he did in fact, fall into the manhole like I was told at the time of the accident. I feel in order for us to move forward in our lives we need to find out exactly what happened to him. I would like to talk with the boy who was with him last. Since my husband was such a devout Christian; I do not feel that he would want us to go through a long and drawn out legal battle, in order to get the proper care that we deserve. But, I do feel that he would want his story to be known and warn people about safety issues and the dangers of sewer gasses. I also feel that ADS Environmental should pay for the health insurance for the children and I until they are out of school. And, I feel that my coverage should be for the rest of my life...since my soulmate was taken from me. If Steve were alive today, we would not have to worry about health insurance or anything else for that matter. He would not want us to be on Medicaid or any other government funded health program. While working for ADS, we lived just about the poverty line. I thank God for overtime, working during holidays and trading in vacation days! We were anticipating the buy out to Nova Analytics so that they could save the slowly fading funds of ADS. And hopeful, to get the ever awaited raise and bonus that Steve so very well deserved! He trained people who were making twice as much as he. The only problem is that he had the experience and not the education on paper. He thought about going back to school and getting his degree, but it would have taken the time away the little time he had from his family. And he would say that they are only little once. So, he worked to complete his credits by taking courses online and such. He went into the Army (1982-1985) in order to get an education. Afterwards, he worked for Southeastern Environmental; until they were bought out by ADS Environmental Services. Since Steve was such a loyal employee of over 17 years and stood by the company throughout all of the lean years; I feel that we should receive the ADS Benefits that are presented today. I do not feel that this is too much to ask of a company that my husband made millions upon millions of dollars for yearly. ADS did give us the benefits that Steve signed up for while he was alive. Health insurance is an option for employees! WE would like to have that option still: Employee Benefits: The ADS employee benefit program is extensive. The program is designed to provide you and your family with protection for today, tomorrow and the future. The medical and dental plans cover preventive and routine care, as well as treatment for serious illness or injury. The life insurance program and savings plans helps you plan for financial security for the future. At a glance, here are the ADS core benefits and optional benefits offered to all full-time regular employees. Core benefits are provided by ADS at no cost to the employee. Optional benefits are those the employee would select that require the employee to pay a contribution through payroll deduction. ADS reserves the right to make changes to the benefits program as business needs change. Core Benefits Basic Life Insurance (2x annual base salary) Basic Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (2x annual base salary) Business Travel AD&D (up to $1,100,000) 401(K) Thrift Plan (particiption is optional) Short Term Disability Long Term Disability Worker's Compensation Sick Leave (8 paid days) Vacation (minimum of 2 weeks accrued per year) Holidays (11 paid days) Social Security/Medicare (FICA) Employee Assistance Program Employee Referral Program Tuition Reimbursement ($6,500 per year) Funeral/Military/Jury Duty Leave Unemployement Insurance Optional Benefits Medical Plan Dental Plan Optional Life (1x or 2x annual base salary) Dependent Life Insurance (two options) Health and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts AFLAC supplemental policies such as a cancer policy, accident policy, critical care policy, hospital confinement policy, and an intensive care plan. Thank you so much for your attention to this petition. Please send prayers that our children and I can get the health insurance and benefits that we would have if Steven were still alive. God Bless, Tommie Franklin In memory of Steven (1963-2006) Psalm 69: Last page marked in his bible. Deuteronomy 27:19 Cursed is he who distorts the justice due an alien, orphan or widow. And all the people shall say Amen! Update: May 2009! ADS did NOT give our health insurance for myself and the children. I can't express the appreciation that I have for ADS extending our policy until 3 years after my husband's death. It was not in the contract (1 year) and they really extended their generosity. Thank you, Thank you! It was a great load off my mind not have worrying about making that payment every month. It also keep me with an on going gift from Steve. Whenever the children would go to the doctor, I could explain to them that their father was responsible for their health care. Anything for me to keep the "Steve" conversation going!! It was kind of like the Christmas presents that I have held back for Steve from his Christmas shopping spree of 2004! Sadly. I fussed at him unmercifully for that! Funny, I thank God for it today!! Daddy has always had a "hand picked" Christmas gift for the children. Don't know what I'll do when they run out...Santa, eat your heart out. LOL! I have gotten both children on a health insurance plan but I (personally) do NOT have health insurance. It will cost me $800 a month, so I am without... I understand how dangerous it is for me to be without health insurance. Unfortunately, I have a hang up about the whole "health insurance" issue. Steve always told me that he may not always be happy with his employment situation but we will always have health insurance He took extreme care of me/us! I pray that my husband has not died in vain! I hope that other sewer workers/players will understand how dangerous it is...underground! Thanks for every one's time and patience, Ms. Steven Franklin P.S. I'd like to thank Susan Arnold of the ADS Human Resource department for assisting me through out these years! When my health insurance policy ran out she sent me a beautiful constructed and comforting letter explaining my options of other health care. Susan, you Rock! P.S.S. I'd also like to thank the mysterious person who has been putting $20.00 in the children's College fund each month! Emily (6) is counting! LOL! Tyler (9) wants to stay home with (Tommie) Mommie!! LOL...but not funny!! Mommie Boy!


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