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Abolish "donations for good deeds" law

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This petition is designed to address a major concern in our community. Since when should it be illegal for someone to be subject to arrest and a fine when He/She gets a donation for a good deed. By signing this Petition you are supporting those like Jonathan Schoenakase from Quincy Illinois who several times has been arrested, fined and even had multiple undercover stings which has resulted in more arrests and fines. Why, Because he offers a free shuttle service at any hour of the day to anyone in the area, Who is to intoxicated to drive home. I wish I could send him money just for doing it despite who he helps. There is concern with the Sole Taxi cab company in town that services that those like Jonathan will hurt there business. I didnt realize that money comes before safety. This petition is to show the courts that We, The people, see a problem with stopping good citizens doing good deeds over such a minor issue that potentially could save the tax payer more money as well potentially save lives linked to drunk driving cases. We are sorry to the police that they will lose revenue from the loss of drunk driving related incidents they will have to handle as well as to the cab companies for no longer being a monopoly on transportation options and services. It is with this petition that we the people accept on this date of October 2nd in the year 2011. Note: A example that may relate to more ppl is simply this. You are a church goer, a soccer mom, a car pooler. You offer your car and your time to transport someone to church or a sports event or even to work. The person(s) traveling with you say thanks for the time and for your gas and time here is a few bucks. Now suppose you get pulled over cause a cop observes the payment for a service or the fellow car pooler is a undercover cop. Should you be subject to be arrested. This law can be seen and weaved into many different ways and lights in which its not only money lost its alot more. I hope This petition can reach the required votes to be seen and changed for the good.

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