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Action for Appreciation

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This petition is for members of PGA only.

Let's imagine a scenario: You are an extremely busy individual who takes countless hours out of your schedule every day for over 4 months straight and puts those hours into building a community. After all of this time and dedication, something unavoidable finally comes up that will thwart your existence on this community once and for all. Luckily for you, you are able to predict this catastrophe before it undergoes, therefore giving you an opportunity to make something before you have to leave... What is the first thing that crosses your mind? A post announcing your unactivity and another one that thanks the community for all it's done for you!

You think to yourself, "surely these posts of gratitude, of which I've spent many hours perfecting and pouring my heart into, could not upset the leaders of this community"? But you'd be so very wrong...

Eh, enough of the pity party! xD Let's just get on with this petition, shall we?

For those of you who are unaware, the guideline (mind you, a guideline... not a term; the very definition of guideline being a general principle or piece of advice) which the staff is using against these two posts, reads as follows: “Irrelevant Content... "I'm quitting" type posts or other drama-type posts.“

I have already pointed out how this guideline does not apply to the most important (located at of the two posts in question, but to no avail. So this is where you all come in (if you decide to sign)! ^^

Through this petition, I am hoping that the staff of Pokémon GO Amino will realize that we the community have no problems with the blog in question. We also acknowledge that letting the "rules slide" like this, is a one time thing that will ONLY apply to this specific blog, because:

  1. We can mutually agree that the blog in question IS relevant to the community.
  2. The blog in question will not be the main reason any of us leave the community if/when we do.
  3. The blog in question contains necessary information, as well as meaningful words that cannot be extinguished.
  4. It is the general understanding that the blog in question does not break any of the currwnt community guidelines

I (the author of the blogs) also hereby swear to remove all hashtags and categories from the blog in question if it is re-enabled. This will be to make sure the blog is as difficult as possible for new members to accidentally stumble upon and be deterred by.

[NOTICE: The author of this petition reserves the right to edit the contents at any time.]

To sign this petition, please click the interactive button on this page and sign with your current Amino username. Thank you in advance to anyone and everyone who signs this... You all mean so much to me... Hence the reason I made the appreciation posts in the first place! (*≧ω≦*)

Now can we please just all get along and enjoy our wonderful community that we have built together?

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