Please Consider Sri.V.S.Achuthanandan for CPI(M) seat

North Vyloppilly Gopikrishna Menon
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Dear Sri Prakash Karat,Sri Pinarayi Vijayan, We the people of Kerala, living inside and outside the Kerala are deeply wounded by the hearsay that CPI(M),a party respected for high levels of professionalism under your charismatic leadership is looking away from Sri.V.S.Achuthanandan, one of the most beloved leaders that CPI(M) has produced recently. It may be that Sri.V.S.Achuthanandan may have shown tendencies of overshadowing the party,but in the final analysis,it appears that,while acting as the Chief Minister,he was working for the people of Kerala and not for any party. When it comes to probity it is clear that there are very few equals to him today in any state of India.THIS IS SOMETHING THAT CPI(M)Kerala can indeed be PROUD and it is time that we as a Nation ,trammeled by "n" number of "G"s ,need to show to the world that "look CPI(M) is different".We have set examples for the rest of the Nation and the World at large that a man of sound "dharmic" principles and ACUTE CONCERN FOR THE COMMONER,nay, the "COMMUNER" is "allowed" to contest .Because CPI(M) is clear,it is consistent,it has the conviction to be on the bleeding edge of Change that this wounded nation is longing for.... We are confident that such a decision from CPI(M) will not only give clear cut Majority for CPI(M) in Kerala,it will also show that as decision makers Yourself, Mr Karat,and Mr Pinarayi Vijayan had the Greatness to GIFT a straightforward,and principled CM for the Kerala's Ailing Masses. With this we wish All the best to Sri Karat, All the best to Sri Pinarayi Vijayan and,All the best to Sri V.S.Achuthanandan.  Long Live Democracy ! Long Live Probity ! Let us set examples for our children as to how we altered Kerala's history !!!




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