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This petition is directed to Media Blasters for an uncut dvd of Absurd. Absurd is a sequel/prequel to Anthropophagus, a movie which has gained cult status by being put on the Uk\'s \'video nasties\' list. Media Blaster\'s Shriek Show put this film out not to long ago on an uncut 2 disc dvd set. This is the reason I believe it is only right that Shriek Show release its sequel Absurd (which was also on the \'video nasties\' list) on dvd. Here is what I and fans would like to see on this dvd: *The fully UNCUT version of the film. This film was hacked of most of its gory glory so it would be great to see it with its gore intact. *Remastered picture and sound, for obvious reasons. *The films theatrical/video trailer. *Nice new packaging, as was done with your Anthropophagus release. I and fans would really like for you to consider this petition. This film deserves a release and we believe you are the perfect candidates. Thank you Updated 22 Feb Just to let people know I haven\'t given up on this. My goal is to reach at least 100 signatures. Due to lack of response I\'ve started up a new version located here: http://www.petitiononline.com/he774a77/petition.html So please sign and feel free to send this petition to others who may be interested. Thanks.


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