Abilene Animal Services Shelter Must have Workers 24 hrs A Day, & Cages out side the Business for People to bring Stray Animals

Penny LaRocco
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I am just frustrated. There was no where to take them. Nothing to do, I had to figure that out, My name is Penny LaRocco I am a Dog lover, I was at home one Friday night when two stray dogs wandered into my driveway.A Pitbull & Irish Wolfhound.. Because the shelter was already closed, I decided to contact an Animal control officer, but there was one problem. "There was nobody. Nobody could come and get them and I didn't want to let them out, because I was afraid if I let them go, something might happen to them, they might hurt, somebody might get hurt, a child. I could not live with myself if that happened. I gave the dogs a place to stay for the weekend, & Food and Monday morning I headed to the animal shelter. Once I arrived, I ran into another problem. "The lady there told me it wasn't her problem, because they were not open. They did not open until 10:00 am, there is people doing more important things in the back" I left with the dogs, and then called the police department, told them that I was going back and going to let the dogs out there. They said."okay that would be fine because it was not my responsability" when I returned there was two dog catcher's one walking out and one driving a dog catching truck and asked the one walking if he would take the dogs. "He said no, we don't start until ten o'clock. I said no, you're gonna start. So I got out and I opened up the back door, and said there , Go do your job, Fetch! go catch the dogs! in this situation I was torn and did not really know what to do. "They're not mine. They're not my responsibility and she The Worker, The Dog catchers did not care either. It was like, figure it out. There was no answer, there was no solution to the problem," as much as I love my 5 dogs, I cannot imagine something happining to my dogs if they were to get out and there would be know way to get ahold of me, and then NO where to take them. How Scary! Something must be done to change the system... "There has to be a solution, has to be some kind of a, think outside the box. Ya know?" Then two days later I recieved a sitation for mis-treating animals $275.00 fine Which I am fighting hopefully with everyone's help. I want this business looked into for misappropriation of funds and if they treat humans like they treated me, what are they doing to those poor animals behind doors? If the Dog catchers are in uniforms and in city vehichles at 9:20 am and they say they do start until 10:00 am, then someone is working off the clock and operating a city truck when they are not suppose to Please Help me get New employee's that really care for unwanted and lost animals Please Send this to everyone you can think of! I am Thank you Penny LaRocco Abilene, Texas