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    Michael Hunley is a man of Work first, loyalty, and honor. He is a great father of three children, 4, 6 and 7 years of age to whom he has been present in their life since birth and partnership of his fiancée Pamela Pickens of 8 years. Michael is known by the people he is loved by, and works with for the hard work, creativity, high spirit, his strong belief in the Lord, and great deal of determination in what he does to get things done, and done the right way. Michael works long hours day to day six days a week for Food Team Staffing to support his family because he is the bread winner in his household as well as head of house hold. He has been employed with Food Team for six years. Michael is financially needed in the home to take part in keeping his household stable and in help of supporting his son who is battling a condition called epilepsy (seizure disorder). Michael has also begun the process of registering for school the winter semester believing it will better his future for himself and his family. He has chosen to undergo classes as a fitness trainer because he is positively active in the home, as well as outside of home as the family physical fitness trainer amongst the men and young men. He was known as the versatile athlete in South shore High School where he received his high school diploma in the year 2001. He is also known for the sweetheart, and the giving person he is. Michael is the person who takes his time to stop and help an older person carry their bags to their car or front porch, he’s known for giving his clothes and shoes to a relative or friend even a stranger he just meets if he feels they need it without judging them. He is also known for giving his last to the church or a person in need because he feels God will someday bless his children and family for his right doings. Michael not only works hard and is preferred worker amongst his employer , but he is a team leader, part supervisor on his job because when his work is done he takes his time an stay an hour late to help someone else get a job done. Understanding Michael is not a perfect person, but, believing he deserves a second chance because he is one man that does make a difference to society bringing love, positivity, and love. All the young around him looks up to him for advice, the elders depend on him for help and security as well as Michael's own three children who deserves to have their father at home. Michael has never been away from his children more than a day since birth. Michael was raised by his three grandmothers, Lillian Bouchee raised him until he was 10 years of age and when she passed on he was in custody of Arpphine Hunley, and his great-grandmother in which are his father's mother and grandmother. They raised Michael through and out of high school in which he began to take care of them. The only grandson closes to his grandmother he took care of household needs, accompanied them to doctors appointments, and made sure other needs were met, and he showed them as much possible love and comfort until they passed away, his grandmothers depended on him so much, he cared for them as much as possible. He also recently lost his mother to cancer the day before thanksgiving 2009; he was very close, respectable, and had a very close bond, friendship and relationship with his mother. Michael has made some mistakes in his past in which has caused him his freedom because of the wrong choices, Michael has also had a chance to realize as a man now what he has to loose.  We believe if Michael can be given another chance he will have a testimony to let others know what is more important to life: to stay away from trouble, keep away from the wrong crowd, letting everyone know to stay in church. We think if Michael can be given another chance he will have a testimony to let others know what is more important to life: to stay away from trouble, keep away from the wrong crowd, letting everyone know to stay in church. Michael's lesson learned will be a great aspect on our lives and a teaching of how one mistake or one small crack can take down a dynasty. That's the way we feel about Michael, his mistake caused himself; our friend, father, neighbor, who is a part of our village, who is  making a great deal on our lives, our children looking up to him as a role model, our elderly needing and wanting Michael at their side because of his tenderness and patience. He is a link in our chain to stay together, and stay strong. We are asking for a Second Chance!


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