A request that Congress establish a method by which a State may secede from the union.

Stanley Evans
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The Constitution is the instrument that created the Federal Government and has been a compact between all parties since the founding of the United States.  Since the Federal Government has committed a long train of abuses and usurpation’s against the States since 1913 and has to date repeatedly over stepped it’s enumerated powers beyond all intent of the compact, the issue of a State legislatures resolution to secede and become, once again, an independent Republic is mute and only need be acted upon by a State legislature with the consent of Congress, which would be consistent with Texas v. White. The Executive and judicial branch has nothing to do with the process.

There are two United States, the Federal Government and the States United. That is, two distinct parties to the compact. It appears that the object of the recent State petitions to secede is to break away from the Federal Government while remaining on good terms with the States United.

The continued and escalating abuses of Executive Orders and Acts of Congress most notably over the last twenty years with the object being to reduce the Constitution to ashes and bring the States and the People under absolute despotism is undeniable.

The establishment of a privately owned central bank in 1913 was unconstitutional and these objections reverberated from the States all the way back to 1791.

The passage of the Banking Act, abrogation of the Gold Clause and confiscation of the Peoples gold dissolved the United States Government, which has been operating on a de facto name only bases since 1933.

Dissolving the constitutional Republic and replacing it with a Democracy in 1933.

The use of Acts of Congress to abrogate clauses of the Constitution in direct violation of Article V of the US Constitution.

The passage of the NDAA codifying indefinite military detention without charge or trial of a United States citizen(s).

The fascist merging of State and corporatism in violation of the Constitution.

The federalization of the Governors, States, Police Forces, Local Governments and National guards without any constitutionally enumerated powers to do so.

The almost complete disregard of most elected officials to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign or domestic constant with the oath of office.

The Executive Orders giving the Executive Branch the option of seizing virtually anything in the United States even in time of peace at their sole discretion violates the Constitution.

The continued use of the Patriot Act which violates the Constitution.

These are but a few of the most grievous crimes committed by the Federal Government upon the States and the Constitution of the United States virtually reducing the People to a state of whimpering servitude under the weight of a totalitarian socialist regime that is ultimately owned, controlled and operated by the global banking cartels and foreign powers.

This was not the intent or desired out come of the great experiment lunched by the Framers, Founders and States when they committed their lives, fortunes and signatures to establishing the greatest nation ever to exist in the history of mankind.

I the undersigned being a citizen of the United States do herein declare these facts to be true to the best of my knowledge and request that the Congress of the United States establish by Act or Resolution a method by which a State or group of States may peaceably secede from the union.




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