A Request For Leigh Ann Pedra to Step Down As Lead Bartender

Megan Hanrahan
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We, the below signed, are demanding the resignation of Leigh Ann Pedra as lead bartender. We insist that this become effective immediately.

 In her brief tenure in this non-elected position, she has exhibited qualities that are the exact opposite of what a lead bartender should possess. After much thought and consideration, we know that Leigh Ann simply does not have the capacity to make sound decisions which will ultimately effect the overall morale and productivity of the bar and its staff. 

Furthermore, she lacks the integrity and maturity to be a good leader. Unlike Colin Maxwell who previously held this position. Colin was able to lead and direct with an unbiased authority, therefore garnering our respect.

In conclusion, we believe that Leigh Ann has allowed her emotional instability coupled with an unchecked ego to consume her whilst functioning in her current job title at Catch. She has single handedly created divides amongst coworkers, contributing to the current negativity, thusly creating a hostile work environment for the rest of her peers. Action must be taken now.





  • 5 years ago
    Megan Hanrahan United States
    5 years ago