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A remake of Dream of Mirror Online (petition 2017)

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Luc Favron
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Hi all ! This is at first a test petition that I am doing to see who would agree with me. Yet, this could become a real petition too in the future ! (in case the actual online domo eventually shutdown).

As former player on Aeriagames and current one on Subagames, I have find our current Item Mall too expensive. It is very noticeable compare to what it was on Aeriagames. You can agree I am sure that also, the waiting for the roll of costumes and pets are certainly annoying and the wait for your tickets to be answer can be long ( not quite fun ). For mainly thoses reasons I wish to make this test petition and dream to make a future awesome dream of mirror online !!

I certainly can't promises that all my wishes for this game can become reality: as my dream to improved the engine graphics or to be able to make the game cheaper as close as it was on Aeriagames. But, but I can promise you some things if this become a real petition with a little dusts of a miracle.

Things I promises: hearing your voice even if you have complains, I might be the person you may be looking for, for many things. In fact I even consider complains as a good way to improve a game !

Do my best to make the item mall cheaper and removing the unlucky boxes!

Have more Gm online to support players with direct issues dealing (less wait than dealing with tickets).

Allow freedom of speech on forum, with a limit of bad language still.

Making the events more fair ( I noticed some people complaining on that )

Unbanning people who was banned, giving them a second chance ( everyone deserved a second chance right ? )

So briefly that's my dream of dream of mirror online (lol), how about you? If so, sign the petition, we will never know how far we can reach ! =)

P.S: I recommend to view this petition one time per months in case things move on further and if I will update this petition for a real one ! :)

Hope to one day serve you truthfully, honestly and nicely! May God Bless you all and thanks for your attention o/

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