A Petition to Amend the Constitution to Permit Rational Limits on Political Contributions

Michael Hiller
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I was a Professor of Constitutional Law and a member of the Faculty at John Jay College of Criminal Justice for eight years. And I am appalled at the Supreme Court's current interpretation of the First Amendment. Until just a few years ago, the Supreme Court recognized that the State and Federal governments could impose reasonable limits on political contributions to candidates, campaigns and interest groups. After the Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions, however, most of these protections, which were enacted to combat corruption and which were the "Law of the Land" for more than 40 years, have been eviscerated.

To remediate the problem and to overrule the Supreme Court's decisions, I would propose a simple amendment to the Constitution that reads as follows:

"No provision of this Constitution shall be interpreted to prohibit Congress or the States from imposing rational spending limits on contributions and donations, made by persons and corporations, to political candidates, campaigns and interest groups."

Americans have amended the Constitution to overrule the Supreme Court on several prior occasions, including most notably, for example, the 14th Amendment, which overruled the Dred Scott Decision (in which the Supreme Court ruled, among other things, that African Americans were not citizens). While Dred Scott may have been the most repugnant Supreme Court decision of the 19th Century, the decisions in Citizens United and McCutcheonmay pose the greatest danger in this one.

Please sign the petition below and join our effort to persuade Congress to amend our Constitution as soon as possible.



  • Michael Avery
    Michael Avery United States, Monroe
    May 11, 2014
    May 11, 2014
    The limit on where I put my money is simply against my right to freedom of expression as expressed in the very first amendment of the ACTUAL Constitution.


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