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We as parents are given a spectacular job to care for our children from the time they are born. However, it is difficult to balance life and sustain a healthy living for our children without the financial support of the absent parent. Although there are child support laws in place, they are not effectively enforced and they  do not represent each side equally in the State of Ohio.

We would like a change to be made in the time frames allowed for a parent to pay. Payments should be consistent and cases should not be prolonged because of the absent parent. There should be strict enforcements made to the absent parent and penalties gained by not meeting the child support order amount such as issuing a warrant in the first 30 days of non -payment. The custodial parent has to take care of their children right now. There is no grace period for daily parenting, therefore should not be one for the absent parent.

What we hope to gain from this petition is effectiveness. Once these regulations are changed, positive reinforcement and responsibility to absent parents will be mandatory. We are caring for another life, this is not a game and the children deserve to be provided for by both parents equally. It is time to do something better for mankind as a whole.

Please help us make a difference for the single parents trying to make a living for their children.

Thank you.






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