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A modern .311 bullet with higher BC and weight varations are needed.

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Great News Everyone, I spoke with Gina at GS Custom Bullets they will be running some tests on the bullets really soon. Iraqveteran8888 will do some tests for us as well on both of these new bullets. I want him to make a video of how well it shoots with his sporter rifle.

I will be adding Gina as a Mod on the page so she will be able to update you guys with more information and you will be able to see her information better. It will be posted as "BC. 311 Bullet - Redesigned" but she will let you know its from her.

There will be two types of long range Hunting bullets designed for us. They are both hollow points and CNC machined. These bullets will have their very own proprietary Hybrid Ogive. Since they are CNC machined they will be a much more consistent bullet. They will be able to keep the same restraints on every bullet every time unless they change the settings inside of the CNC. They always monitor the tool wear because that is a very important part of their process with CNC machines. GS Custom Bullets make sure the tools don't wear down to a point that you get inconsistent bullets. This is a better process than making a lead core copper jacketed bullets and they make sure they meet the strictest tolerances. So that the last bullet is just as perfect as the first bullet run on their machines.

The first bullet will be a 196gr Long Range Bullet this will be a single loading bullet and made to shoot out to a 1000 yards for hunting. The round will be able to push out past a 1000 yards but for hunting the max range she suggests is a 1000 yards.

The second bullet will be a 165gr bullet and it will be magazine loadable for hunting. Gina suggests we only shoot out to 600 yards with this one for hunting. You can push it farther but for hunting that is the max she suggests.

Gina says that these bullets like faster burning powders so if you use a H1000 powder lets say a better powder to use would be something like a H4831.

There will be more updates soon so please stay tuned. Thank you Frank Land

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