A Global Declaration for Climate Justice

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Global Declaration for Climate Justice

Climate change resulting from industrial business and pollution as usual threatens both the future of humanity and the living world. We reject this path of mutual self-destruction. We pledge to support both personal and political actions that reduce total human related green house gas emissions to completely sustainable levels by 2050. Action must be global and encompass energy, agriculture, forestry, and industry.

A global solution must include transfer of technology and resources from rich to poor to facilitate global sustainability. The continued exploitation of natural capital and of people is the path to ruin. An energy resolution is needed to secure economic and environmental justice. All people, in all places, and in all seasons, are entitled to an adequate supply of energy that is safe, affordable, and sustainable. This is a human right.

Protecting global biodiversity and the environment is inseparable from overcoming poverty and social injustice. Global sustainability must be built upon a foundation of peace and climate justice where economic growth means ecological  improvement and human well being. The choice for the 21st century is between either  ecological catastrophe or global sustainability. We choose sustainability.


Roy Morrison, Director Office for Sustainability Southern New Hampshire University* (*For identification only)





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