A Fair Compramis

collette davis
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In Belfast there has been protest by Nationalist because in  order to bring inline with Stormount. Accourding to Nationaluniosm website "This is largely down to demographic changes and a shift in the balance of power within a city with a proud history of service to the Crown and Empire." In other word they and other Nationist beleive that this is a blow to Nationilism and the Republicans are winning. If you happen to be a Republican, you may be happy to see the flag only 15 days of the year but a compramise has to be reached.

This is a recession and bussiness are been effected. But I am more concerned with people been hurt and shots have been fired so now you can be dealing with deaths. So lets just reach another compramise the Unionist  flag can be flown on a Monday, Wensday, Friday and Sunday and the Irish flag can be flown on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. That way the Nationilist have one day more than Republicans and you can all go home, have a cup of tea and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.




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