A Euthanasia Coaster for Lakemont Park

Adam Chadwick
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Lakemont Park is a cornerstone of family entertainment in Central Pennsylvania, and has a long and cherished history. It is the site of the oldest still-standing, still-operating figure-8 wooden roller coaster. This alone attracts many enthusiasts each year to the region, stimulating economic growth and additional tourism to a region still recovering from a deep recession.

However, what about a NEW attraction? Something that would interest a new generation in visiting Altoona, and renew interest among local residents? True, part of Lakemont Park's charm is its old-timey amusement park feel, but it is in dire need of a dramatic change to woo the hearts of the young and old alike. Would adding a cutting-edge thrill ride be the trick to skyrocket a drooping regional economy?

We shout a resounding, "YES!", and pledge our support to encourage Altoona's Lakemont Park to build the first-ever-in-the-world commercially operating Euthanasia Coaster. This groundbreaking trill ride would simultaneously boost regional tourism income AND provide an easy way for families to pacify their loved ones with the elegance of an angel.

The concept is simple: Grandpa rides the coaster, experiences the intense rush of cerebral hypoxia, and exits the ride in a convenient and personalized urn, commemorating the joyous day of relief that was so graciously given to him by Lakemont Park and his family. Of course, the coaster would be open to the young and old alike, with no minimum height requirements.

As you can plainly see, this proposal provides a multitude of benefits to the community: economic growth, regional awareness, family expiration services, and a renewed sense of pride in the longstanding tradition of Lakemont Park. Join us and SIGN THIS PETITION to bring a euthanasia coaster to our beloved amusement park.






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