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A Call for Action

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A Call for Action

The purpose of this petition is to utilize the opportunity presented by the most recent online school dilemma to address a few ideas. We, the student body of the The Primacy Collegiate Academy, would like to humbly request a few amendments to be made to the school’s SOP.

While it is true that the students of Taiwan do not have the privilege of experiencing the fear and dread that comes with living in a country struggling against the pandemic, we hold these truths to be apparent: we as students are infinitely indebted to the medical professionals and the government fighting tooth and claw on the frontlines to keep the population of Taiwan safe. We have not forgotten our places in society and we have definitely not become ungrateful towards the safety we have in Taiwan. However, It is in our belief that while the situation in Taiwan does not seem to be worsening, we should exercise caution especially as the break for Chinese New Year approaches. We acknowledge the sentiments of those who hold their firm belief that we as students should cherish the time spent face-to-face with our peers and educators. However, as part of our responsibilities as a part of society, we need to also address the issue of safety. We believe that we should, as an educational institution for young men and women, exercise caution as due to the cultural values in Taiwan we are often in contact with the elderly members of our families. Being “grateful” does not entitle us to put the vulnerable members of our society at risk for the consequences of the virus or potentially death.

To our understanding, the school was pressured by an individual (who will remain unnamed throughout this petition) to “countermand” the decision of online schooling. However, we would like to point out the irrationality of basing a decision that affects more than a hundred students and their families on a single complaint that demonstrates very little to no rationality. Perhaps the family in question does not have any members who are vulnerable to the virus; however, this does not dismiss the possibility of the students becoming an accidental catalyst for the spread of the virus.

Additionally, to address the issue of prevention in case of another situation similar to the current, we as the students would like to propose a plan for the consideration of all the main parties of the institution when making decisions:

We believe that significant decisions should be made either by or with the acknowledgment of all the sections within the school. The three major stakeholders include the students, parents, and administrators. While we cannot expect the school to disclose all the processes of decision making, we wish to at least have representation within the decision making process. The Student Association will shoulder the responsibility of hearing the students and acting as their voice, the administration should represent the interests of the faculty, and lastly, the head of a newly established parent’s association will represent the parents in meetings.

Educational institutions have a responsibility to act as mediators between parents and students. Parents have the interests of their children as a priority; they wish for their children to achieve academic success in a safe, controlled environment. However, students wish to have a certain amount of autonomy in the decisions regarding their life. Educational institutions exist to provide a safe environment for students to both function as an individual and strive for greater academic achievement. Refusal to lend an ear to the voices and interests of the two parties is a direct violation of the responsibility entrusted to the institution by both the parents and the students.

To show our commitment to this newfound cooperation and dynamic. We have gathered the signatures of those who support this proposition.

By signing the petition, you express with your right your approval and support of the concepts/ideas/statements mentioned in the text above. This show of support is non-official as no legally-binding consequences will come of it.

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