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A Breath Uv Lyfe

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ATTN:_________ This is an attempt to get support of people who can, directly or indirectly, relate to situations pertaining to the life/lives of "reformed felons". Maybe a brother, sister, cousin, mother, father, friend, husband or wife can subsequently speak from an angle of experience & more so concern: ________________________________________________________ My life: ________________________________________________________ In 1996, while attending Bethune-Cookman College, In Daytona Beach, Florida, I was arrested and ultimately charged with 3 felonies. Facing 30 years, in 1997 I accepted a plea bargain - jail for 1 year - 4 years probation upon release. In 1998 I was released after 9 months. Within 4 months of my release, I was charged with a violation of probation. I sat jailed for another year before being sentenced to 43 1/2 months in prison... On July 16, 2001, I was released from Liberty C.I., in Florida, with a new heart and a new mind. Since then, I've worked many jobs - most were dead end jobs - no benefits or future for moving up. Entrepreneur minded, I have operated in my desire to express concerns on social & community reform for reformed felons so, in 2004 I started Breath Uv Lyfe RECORDS in the state of Florida. Since 2009 Breath Uv Lyfe RECORDS has been a functioning label, based in Decatur, Georgia. Since my release 12 years ago, I have been harassed, faced many limitations and obstacles as we all do.... The only difference is when a person is a target of the judicial system it is an everlasting halo. _______________________________________________________THIS IS WHERE THIS INITIATIVE COMES IN.... _______________________________________________________ I remain constantly motivated to see to it that this initiative be overheard by Mr. Barack Obama himself! _______________________________________________________ January 22, 2007 4:27p.m. ------------------------------ I saw death @ the hands of local law enforcement in Ft. Pierce (St. Lucie County), Florida. I was tasered & beat to the pavement, leaving one side of my face and eye socket broken in many different places. I now understand officers had no other choice except remain ethical in an unethical institution by not admitting their wrong doings. That decision has lead me to have no other choice except remain persistent in every attempt to see things change. AN OBVIOUS CASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY, county judges, state attorney's, and many officers of St. Lucie County worked scare tactics to force a conviction on charges that were bogus from the beginning, threatening me with a life sentence I've never once considered silencing my words to the public about what really happened and the ways that I have overcome the anger that I could have chosen to contain I was forced to go to trial and December 20, 2007 the verdict was read as the initial charges were erased.. That's right NOT GUILTY..... _______________________________________________________ As we remember Trayvon Martin and his inability to speak because of his untimely death, I too was walking from the store... as my life has been spared I took it as an indication of importance... THAT A MAN REFORMED IN HEART AND MIND SHALL NOT BE THE VICTIM OF SUCH A HARSH OUTLOOK WITHIN SUCH A FREE AMERICA!!! For this reason I have initiated many UNITY BASED efforts including: prison missions, educational music outreaches, , as well as a number of volunteer service actions throughout DeKalb and Gwinnett county Georgia, social strategies and outreaches for homelessness, Social Network Unity for Empowerment of Reformed Musicians, Artists, and Creationists who are reformed convicted felons!!! December 2011 on I publicized my intentions to write "My Letter To the President", a letter to the president of the United States of America, Mr. Barack Obama. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ As I patiently waited, one April afternoon I received a letter from the White House containing a signed response from the president, a letter I have also publicized thru facebook That is where my petition and your signature will benefit the ultimate goal!!! I have been on a mission to personally approach Mr. Obama with my concerns pertaining to reformed individuals with felonies who have reformed minds and reformed hearts on aspiring efforts, suffering the consequences of being a lifelong felon. Most recently I have engineered a system of social network strategies amongst aspiring artist in music and video production designed to prove that .N<>I<>T<>Y< works!!! It is the only way to see valuable change!!! AS YOU HAVE TAKEN TIME OUT TO READ THIS PETITION, PLEASE DON'T TURN AWAY WITHOUT OFFERING YOUR SIGNATURE AS AN INDICATION THAT YOU TOO WOULD LOVE TO SEE THIS AND SIMILAR ISSUES ADDRESSED @ THE WHITE HOUSE WITH MR. BARACK OBAMA P.S. have questions or comments please feel free to let me know

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