Oppose Liquor License Renewal at Joe's Market

Warren Mae
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For those of us that live in the neighorhood, this liquor store has evolved into more of a nuisance than a necessary business. The City of Los Angeles (Department of City Planning) wants to hear from the affected and/or interested persons regarding the renewal of an off-sale liquor permit at Joe's Market - a liquor store operating out of a residentially zoned home in a residential neighborhood. Joe's Market attendant problems for loitering, littering, graffiti, as well as the visual impact of alcohol abuse on our South Robertson neighborhood children are valid land use issues that can be addressed through appropriate local control.

To make matters more difficult, Joe’s Market operates off-sale alcohol to patrons less than 500 feet from Shenandoah Street Elementary School specifically during and after school hours; including Saturdays. Joe's Market has allowed patrons to loiter outside the premises consuming open containers of alcohol, repeatedly selling alcohol to individuals who were already extremely intoxicated and should not be allowed to consume more alcohol. Not to mention the increased trash in the neighborhood from beer cans and bottles that are sold individually to people who litter our streets with their empties.

Centered directly around Joe's Market there have been over 340 recorded crimes within a 1 mile walking radius over the past 6 months according to LAPD.

These disturbing violent and property crimes include: 92 crimes within a ½ mile radius, 8 assaults, 33 burglaries, 10 motor vehicle thefts, 4 robberies, 12 cases of theft/larceny, and 25 accounts of vehicle break-in/theft.

We can’t keep our neighborhoods safe and secure with an excess of law enforcement problems and undue concentration of liquor outlets in the area. Tell City Planning that an additional liquor license for Joe’s Market will be detrimental to the interest, morals, safety, value, and welfare of the South Robertson community.



  • Warren Mae
    Warren Mae United States, Los Angeles
    Dec 15, 2013
    Dec 15, 2013
    We're worried about the 20% higher level of crime in this area compared to surrounding areas. There's so much litter and traffic blocking the street with illegal parking in red areas however temporary customers are coming in and out of the store on the corner.


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    Warren Mae United States
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