Who is Virgilio Anderson

Jeanette Muff
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We the undersigned wish to know who is Virgilio Anderson.


Virgilio Anderson is an international man of mystery, last photographed inside the Battenburg House. But who is he Why does he think he is Richard Herring And when will that wall be painted I think we should be told.


http://www.facebook.com/richardherring - Virgilio Anderson's Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/virgilioanderson - not Virgilio Anderson's Facebook page (I know it's confusing - I didn't start all this!). http://www.richardherring.com/warmingup/warmingup.phpid=2418 - Richard Herring first asks the world just who is Virgilio Anderson. http://www.virgilioanderson.co.uk/ - find out more about Virgilio Anderson here. http://en.akinator.com/ - make Virgilio Anderson the most guessed character worldwide.