Bring Victoria Bitter (VB) to the USA!!

Saul Charlesworth
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VICTORIA BITTER IS NOW AVAILABLE IN THE USA!! Visit for more information **************************************** Victoria Bitter (VB) is an icon of Australia. It is by far the most consumed beer in Australia and should therefore be a true representative of Australian beer around the globe. I am trying to encourage Fosters Group (brewers of Victoria Bitter) to begin importing this beer in the USA. They currently export the beer to the United Kingdom and throughout Europe, due to the high number of Australian expats. There are close to the same, if not equal, number of Australian expats in the USA who would appreciate this beer - a reminder of home. This is in addition to the many local lovers of beer who would enjoy this fine brew. There are currently six other brands of Australian beer imported in the USA - Coopers (family owned brewery from South Australia), James Squire (brewed by Malt Shovel Brewery in Sydney), Tooheys New (brewed by Lion Nathan), Blue Tongue (indepedent brewery in the Hunter Valley), James Boags and Fosters (however, product imported into the USA is brewed under license in Canada). Therefore, the market for Australian beer is still wide open. My goal is to show Fosters Group what kind of support there would be behind importing Victoria Bitter into the USA. Support Australian beer and Australian business - show Fosters Group that you would purchase VB should it be sold in the USA!! CHECK OUT THE NEW (basic!) WEBSITE at


This petition is sponsored by an avid beer lover, an avid Australian expat and a man on a mission!


Fosters Group - VICTORIA BITTER - Bring VB to the USA Blog website: Official website: Wikipedia entry: - best source for info on Aussie beers you\'ll find! Review of Victoria Bitter:


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