Petition To Stop Harmonization of Consumption Taxes (GST/PST) in Ontario

Alex Greene
Alex Greene 4 Comments
5,396 SignaturesGoal: 10,000

We, the people of Ontario, strongly oppose the proposed legislation to harmonize the consumption taxes (GST and PST) in our province.


We are a group of private citizens opposed to HST legislation. Once we have a sizable number of signatures, the petition will be e-mailed to Dalton McGuinty and the cabinet ministers. We also plan to send a copy to major news outlets. Please tell your friends about this petition, post a link to it in online forums and blogs, spread the word...


Please tell your friends and family members about this petition: You can also send a message directly to Dalton McGuinty: Be sure to contact your local MPP and tell them what you think of the proposed legislation: