Petition for a mutually canon Star Wars - Marvel Cinematic Universe crossover

Justin Blades
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We- the collective Marvel and/or Star Wars fans whose signatures have been hereto with attached to this petition, do hereby respectfully request (The) Walt Disney Company to, through either of the relevant subsidiaries under their joint ownership (Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios) or some joint effort by the two; to produce a mutually-canon crossover of the Star Wars and Marvel franchises(in Marvel's case; specifically the fictional universe containing the timeline commonly referred to as the "Marvel Cinematic Universe[MCU]" by fans and writers). We realize the two production companies both have their own respective earth-shattering films which are either already in production or already too popular to cancel. However, we see no reason for either, or both, of them to not be able to eventually find the time, funding, and economic incentive(the last of the three hopefully to be proven by this very petition,) to produce a well written, well-produced, and dare I say it, well-cast crossover. So deemed worthy of request and actualizing in production by companies here enlisted as stated forth this day, by the signatures below on this date: November 18th, 2013 A.D..



November 18
We are now live!




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