Save Seastreak of Monmouth County

Robert Picard
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The following petition is designed to draw attention to our State Legislature and local elected officials of the importance and relevance of maintaining the Seastreak Ferry Service from Monmouth County to New York. It is imperative that not only the service, but the equipment (4 High Speed Catamaran Ferries) remain in the county and remain in use for the riders. There appears to be an offer to sell the 4 Catamarans (Wall Street, Highlands, New York and New Jersey) to Trinidad, thereby removing a critical lifeline for the local economy. It should be noted that there are over 5000 daily commuters that live in a majority of the districts of Northern Monmouth County. This 35 minute service to Manhattan provides significant value to our real estate and high standard of living.


This petition is designed to provide Seastreak Commuters with a voice to be heard by our elected local officials