Reasonable use of Metal Detectors in Wisconsins water's

walter riddle
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The WI DNR has imposed a form of martial law in that they ignore the Wisconsin Public Trust Doctrine and by doing so, violates protected reasonable recreational use of the over 1 Million acres of waterway in Wisconsin without any representation from the community. Our sister states have very clear defined policies for metal detecting in state parks. We respectfully ask that you submit an injunction on the rule change by the DNR archaeologist prohibiting responsible use of metal detectors and return to the permit system that has worked for years. Mr Frank, we are asking that you please revisit this important Rule change so to help safeguard the freedoms of the people of Wisconsin to use the parks in any form of responsible recreation.


This is being promoted by the 1000's of responsible Metal Detectors in Wisconsin and other States. Also included are the many businesses who rely on the sales of Metal detectors and their accessories. This is also supported by the many citizens who have had their personal items returned to them.



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