Save Greg Summers From Execution

Caterina Canderoni
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THIS PETITION IS NOW CLOSED. Gregory Lynn Summers was executed by the State of Texas at 9.15pm, 25th October,2006. Gregory Summers was extremely fortunate to have such a support base, as you all proved with your unification. At least he took that knowledge with him, when he was killed. We, who have been his friends for more than a decade, will keep him always in our heart and will always regret that the State of Texas not only failed to find out the truth, but even used false testimonies with the specific purpose to gain a conviction.


Spring for Summers Committee / Comitato di Difesa Condannato a morte ONLUS - SpringforSummers STATEMENT OF FACTS On June 11, 1990, Andrew Cantu, Paul Flores and Raymond Gonzales crawled in the window of Greg Summers

Links ALIVE! Gregory Summers looking for Contact Sant\'Egidio Weblinks and Appeal Walter Barton (Missouri) - another Innocent on Death Five trials, and counting. Red Flags flying! (Red Flag forensic indication of staged crime and set up.)