Rush r30 Party Dragon Doll

Lori Mortimore
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The purpose of this petition is to determine interest in creating a Rush party dragon doll based on the Rush R30 party dragon t-shirt. My name is Lori Mortimore. I was inspired to create a doll based on the Rush party dragon t-shirt. I thought he was so cute that he should be made into a doll. My doll is a working prototype at the website I have spoken with several toy companies who would said that it is possible to reproduce a doll exactly as the image appears on the t-shirt. If you would be interested in purchasing a doll based on the image on the t-shirt at Rush concerts and/or the Rush Back Stage Club(the online merchanidising page for Rush), please sign this petition. Upon completion of this petition, I will send the petition to Rush\'s management, Anthem Entertainment and their merchandising company, Showtech Merchandising. I would like to send this petition to these companies by August 1, 2006. Thank you for your support.


My name is Lori Mortimore. I am a Rush fan who would like to see the image on Rush R30 party dragon t-shirt be made into a doll.


Lori Mortimore\'s working prototype of the party dragon doll: The Rush website: The party dragon t-shirt: The Rush Backstage Club: