The Best Of Jazz

Chris Walker
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We, the undersigned members of Britain\'s jazz community, deplore the withdrawal of \'The Best of Jazz\' on BBC Radio 2 - hosted so admirably by the late Humphrey Lyttelton for over 40 years. Apart from the (publicly-selected) \'Jazz Record Requests\', the \'Best of Jazz\' was the BBC\'s ONLY weekly programme which set out to showcase with enthusiasm and perception the entire span of recorded jazz history from its beginnings to the contemporary; an invaluable service to listeners of all jazz persuasions. Lyttelton\'s voluntary withdrawal from the programme shortly before his death is regrettable, but there are other highly-qualified presenters both within and outside the BBC\'s current ranks equally capable of continuing the programme\'s admirable and unique philosophy with concomitant skills. We hereby request the controllers of the BBC to reconsider their regrettable and - however inadvertently - misguided decision to end The Best Of Jazz


Chris Walker at & Digby Fairweather at - On behalf of all working jazz musicians and their audiences