Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for HTC P3600 / SPV M700

Felix Luk
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UPDATE ------ 14/05/2007 Thought some of you would be interest to know. To add insult to injury, Dopod (which is now owned by HTC) will be upgrading the D810 (HTC P3600) to WM6. So There is no reason for HTC not to release an upgraded for their own branded device.,39001709,62010362,00.htm 03/05/2007 I wrote to Orange today as we have gone passed the 1000 signature mark ask them to put pressure on HTC. As to emails I sent to HTC, I am still waiting for their reply. So far I am being ignored. -------------------------------------------- Please visit link for press release from HTC regarding Windows Mobile 6 (WM6) upgrade. WM6 upgrade will be offered by HTC to the following 5 devices: HTC Advantage HTC TyTN HTC S620 HTC P4350 HTC P3300 Personally (I\'m sure many share my view) I think the HTC P3600 / Orange SPV M700 should also be included. HTC\'s press release did say "- Will other devices be added Potentially. Weâ